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A birthday card to me!

Good morning, Oddies! Alexis here with a new project! As you might already know, I LOVE mermaids. It’s also my birthday month (yes, I said month) and Kristy was nice enough to make the new Astrology digi for Pisces a super cute mermaid!!! So, while I had something else in mind for this post originally, I had to drop everything and work on this instead!

She was a blast to color and I gave her a little friend, which is actually from the Clever Kitty clear stamp set from ages ago. Essentially I made a birthday card for myself. #Sorrynotsorry

The best part? You can get the Pisces digi FREE this month! So it’s kind of like Kristy is giving all of you a gift for MY birthday! Isn’t that sweet of her?

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