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A Little Christmas Cheer

Good morning! I’m back with a handful of holiday card ideas! I presume I’m not alone in the crafting world that sometime in June, I think ‘I’m going to make SO MANY Christmas cards this year. Everyone will get one!’ and then sometime around Thanksgiving, I realize I haven’t made any at all….and the mad scramble is on!

This is the moment I dig through my stash and try to make a bunch of cute CAS holiday cards using fun colored images, but fairly simple card bases. I really love coloring and it never feels as  tedious to me sometimes as trying to create a super elaborate base for my cards.

I made a few cards each with Mini Yeti& Mini Gingerbread Man digistamps. I varied the coloring, but each of them got a cute sentiment stamp and a couple bar layers of paper and a few snowflake sequins.

Then with an afternoon in the studio I had a handful of really cute cards to give out and suddenly I didn’t feel so holiday stressed!

How do you guys deal with being craftily behind around the holidays?

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