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A New Smile

If you’ve seen me in photos, you know I don’t smile. I didn’t even smile in my own wedding photos, which makes me so upset looking back at it. If you know me, you know it’s because I hate my teeth. Always have. I thought I always would. I’m finally taking the steps to change it.

One of my best friends recently had amazing success with Invisalign. I’m going a slightly different route and using Smile Direct Club. I’ve decided to document the journey in case it’s a wild success! lol. Hopefully it is….If all goes to plan, I should have a new smile by my birthday, which seems like a pretty nice present to myself.

So, to start, here is a photo of my smile.

Uhg. I hate every bit of it and it’s physically painful for me to post this image. So much wrong going on in there from crowding, to a large overbite and then that one front tooth just looks massive to me because it sticks out so much more than the others. Just….yuck.

Anyway, if I stick to my track, by 3/1 it will all look better. They sent me a 3D video to show the progress and not only will it fix the things I hate most about my smile, but it’s also going to correct a good deal of my overbite, which I didn’t even think would be possible.

The aligners all arrived in this tidy little box, I check each new set in and discuss progress with my assigned dentist online every 90 days. Seems simple, though I know it won’t be. I’ll need to be regimented and it will probably hurt quite a bit at first. It will all be worth it if I no longer have to guard my smile.

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