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Asher Ashington III

I'm feeling a bit numb at the moment.

I spent the last moments I'll ever spend with my sweet cat this morning and now I don't know how to feel.

Seth and I adopted Asher from the Humane Society a couple months after we moved into our new home. His name was Tiger then and he was the first kitten I saw when I walked into the lobby. He nuzzled my fingers through the cage bars and I told Seth I wanted him, but someone had already reserved a visit with him, so we played with some other kittens but none of them were the right fit. We were about to leave empty handed when we saw that that Asher was still available. When we spent a bit of time with him in one of the adoption rooms, it was obvious that we belonged together. He climbed all over us and purred and was instantly our new best friend. He was such a good cuddler. From the start, anytime we were sitting down, he had to be touching us both. He was smart, playful and very sensitive. He kept Seth very good company while he was home during his treatments and after Seth passed, he and Lupin were the only reasons I could sleep at night.

He was a burglar, always jiggling the handle of the bedroom door at night if I shut him out, and he would only ever poop just in front of the litter box instead of inside of it, but he was my dapper gentleman and I loved him very much.

Today I had to say goodbye to my beloved Asher Ashington III. He was almost 13, but I expected to have many more years with him. I’m always expecting to have more time than I do and it’s never fair when I’m wrong. I’m not sure what this void is going to look like just yet, only that I miss him so much already.


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