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Cancer is Stupid

Sorry it’s been a while since I updated. The last few weeks since I posted last have been a whirlwind of activity. Some of it good, some of it bad, but most of it just the mundane things that keep us going through this thing called life. Like grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. Anyhow, as I last mentioned, the old chemo didn’t work and the tumors, instead of shrinking, persisted in growing. This was by no means the news we wanted to hear, but we soldier on. Today I’m writing from Tampa General in the infusion room next to Seth as he gets his second blood transfusion this year. His hemoglobin count was so low on our last trip to Florida Cancer Specialists that he needed a transfusion before they’d be able to administer treatment #4 of this new fun cocktail of ick. Unfortunately there is nothing much we can do outside of this to bolster his hemoglobin count because the chemo just keep obliterating them. Hopefully it’s obliterating the cancer cells in at least equal parts. I’d certainly take a higher ratio though.

Treatment #3 was Wednesday, and while today is super yucky and painful, it’s better than treatment 2 so far and leaps and bounds over treatment 1. Treatment 1 sucked soooooooooo much ass. Also improved is Seth’s appetite. He’s finally getting some weight back (Up to 127 from 120 in the last 3 weeks) and some nutritional energy to go with it. He’s also not consisting solely on snack cakes and sugar and is eating more healthily to get that energy, which he openly acknowledges makes him feel better overall.

He got the Vektabix rash, which everyone seems to say is a good sign, and he’s had some other promising side effects, which if its working, is worth it. He came into work this week for the first time since chemo started, which was amazing. It took a lot out of him, but it seemed to do good for him too. It was probably nice to have someone to talk to outside of the cats and the TV.

Things are changing though at work. They’ve been awesome at taking care of us during this whole transition, but it’s obvious that Seth can’t really hold a job like he used to, so they are starting to cut his hours until we can get him switched over to my insurance and then we’ll file for disability and try to keep making ends meet. The financial stuff is scary, but not as scary as the cancer, so what can we do? We’ll make it work. We always do.

Anyhow, we’ve been here since 9am and we’re hoping to go home soon, so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and help and general good vibes!

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