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Cancer Sucks - Part 4

This past week has been a whirlwind. Between panic attacks and pain management, there was no lack of interest before, but we found out last week that Seth’s left kidneys was starting to fail because the tumor was pressing on it and keeping it from draining properly into his bladder. They scheduled an emergency procedure to put a stent into his kidney last Thursday. They went ahead and put another into his right kidney as well to be safe, but the surgeon was concerned about the future of his bladder and wanted to remove it.

That’s not the plan and I’m really not impressed with this Urology Surgeon now. So, I reached out to our research coordinator at FCS and informed her of the new information and her recommendation was to drop the trial and start treatment sooner (as in next week) After speaking to our diagnostic surgeon, we’re all on the same page. There is still a chance Seth will lose his bladder because the tumor is so large, but if there is any chance of saving it, we’re not going to start taking out organs arbitrarily.

Besides, if we do another surgery now, that’s another month we’ll have to wait until treatment and if we don’t treat the cancer there won’t be anything left to cut out of him that isn’t tumor.

It’s been stressful and we’re admittedly a little disappointed about the trial not being a viable option any longer, but I’m very thankful Seth is starting treatment early because I feel like I’ve been watching him waste away and die and I need to get him better.

I love him and we still have too much to do.

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