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Funny Love

Good morning, Oddies! Alexis here with a little love for you. While what I write inside might be serious, I prefer cheesy Valentine Cards when I make them. It feels nostalgic to those little valentines that got passed out at school with the cute, but totally corny puns.

For this card, I went back to an old favorite. Octee is one of my all time favorite digi stamps. He’s soooooooo cute, right?

I didn’t have a sentiment stamp for it, but I knew exactly what I wanted it to say. So, in my terrible handwriting, I put ‘I only have arms for you’ in the little speech bubble. I think it’s cute even though I wish I’d just had a stamp.

I’m working on more cheesy Valentines this month, so check them out on our community page and let me know what inspires you most!

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