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Trick or Treat with the Odd Girls

Ding Dong!

Welcome to our annual Trick or Treat with the Odd Girls!

Our hop is full of spooktacular Tricks and Treats. Don’t worry, our tricks won’t be too scary. And just like trick or treating for candy, you don’t want to skip any house, or blogs in this case. Every stop along the way will have (crafty) tricks for you but you won’t get the treats unless you are a good trick or treater and stop at every house and leave your comment.

Here is my project. I call it: Undead Under the Sea.

I used one of the Mini Mermaids from the September Release and colored her like a zombie mermaid. I figured if you were a zombie under sea, you’d be covered up with algea and stuff, so I used lots of blue greens to layer on the ick. She still seems pretty pleased about her existance though, so kuddos to her.

I thought the otherwise adorable sentiment was kind of ominous in this setting. lol.

Here is our hop order for you after you leave the comfort of my porch…

Alexis (You are here)











You can Trick or Treat with us thru midnight EDT on Nov 3rd, winners will be announced on Nov 5. Remember to comment at every stop, those who do will be rewarded with a special treat.

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